Chiloè Island, Chile – Stroll with Ancient Souls

Chiloè Island is located on Southern Chile, but its residents, the Chiloti, don’t like to be compared to the rest of the country. They are proud and a bit grouchy, and they will reveal their popular wisdom to those who want to know more about their stories and culture.

One of the beloved localities is Muelle de las Almas, the dock of souls. It is said that when somebody dies, his soul wanders the cliffs of Punta Pirulil, calling to Tempilkawe (a mythological being), who, with his white boat will ferry the dead to the horizon, where the ocean meets the sea.

To get to the dock you need to walk through forests and hills, for almost 40 minutes, rising and descending slowly until you reach the huge cliff. Chatting during the stroll is great, but when you get there you should stop any talkativeness to dive into the silence of the place. Listen to the waves breaking on the rocks and to the wind, shouting to the sea. Bring with you all the respect you reserve for sacred places and feel part of Nuke Mapu,  Mapuche’s mother earth.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Molina



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