San Miguel de Allende – Get Lost in the Heart of Mexico

This tip was written by our Italian Explorer: Layla Gallo

San Miguel de Allende is famous, fanciful, cool, colored, happy and full of heritage. Everybody knows this smiley town in the heart of Mexico, but it’s possible that only a few are willing to get lost in its alleys, wandering without a plan, discovering charming shops in blossoming gardens, admiring doors and front gates, all different and beautiful, each one with its track, each one with its faded color.

Not many people look up to observe the terraces on the colored houses, noticing huge vases with similar desert plants, like Nopal variety of cactus. This kind of cactus is possible to admire in the Natural Reserve’s Botanical Garden, “Jardín Botánico El Charco del Ingenio”.

This is a mystical experience, enchanting and alternative. The majestic cathedral is San Miguel de Allende’s symbol, but if you taste the spicy and fresh ceviche in one of the hidden restaurants inside the village, you will remember it better!

 Oh S. Miguel, te dejé mi corazón!

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