Montreal – The Strip Without The Club

This tip comes from our Canadian Explorer: Kathleen Novelia

Montreal is known for the strip clubs, but there’s something else that’s even better, burlesque shows. Tucked on the second floor on St-Laurent, across the street from Schwartz smoked meat is The Wiggle Room. A very small, intimate setting where local artists go for its Wednesday variety shows, or the weekend burlesque shows.

The variety show is great, especially for its price. $8 for students and $10 for regular price. You get to see music, dance, solo performances, stand-up comedy, burlesque, etc. The artist who gets the most votes that night gets to go home with a $100 prize. Check their Facebook page and it will show the lineup for that week. During the weekend they have themed burlesque shows at around $20.

They also host for trans comedians to do their stand-ups. It is definitely a very welcoming space. You will be greeted by beautiful ladies in corsets and lingerie, laugh the whole night and cheer the dancers, with a company of good drinks. Go there alone, or with your friends. I guarantee you a great time.

Featured Photo Credit: Laurence Philomene

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