Finale Ligure, Italy – Blissful Fish on the Coast

Hidden down a little alley off the main streets in Finale Ligure is Sapore di Mare, a traditional, family owned, Italian seafood restaurant. Sitting opposite the fish shop owned by the same family, the restaurant’s menu is handwritten, changed everyday according to the day’s catch. You can speak to the chef who will personally recommend to you the dish that he suggests. The restaurant itself is quaint and intimate, seating around 15 people with Italian music playing quietly in the background. It is always full of locals, so not only do you know it’s a great place to eat, but you also feel fully immersed in Italian culture and food.


The food served at Sapore di Mare is presented beautifully, tastes delicious and is cooked to perfection. You feel like you are eating Michelin star food.  It is, hands-down, some of the best sea food you will experience. The prices are also extremely reasonable, considering the quality of the food, with prices ranging from 12 to 18 Euro. So, next time you are exploring the beauty of the Italian coast around Finale Ligure, make sure you pay a visit to Sapore de Mare. It really is a proper escape from the tourist-filled streets of Finale Ligure. Perfection.

Photo Credits: Author’s Own


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