Chile Chico, Chile – Unexpected Patagonia

If you visit Patagonia, from Ushuaia to the north, you will get to pass through the Chile-Argentina frontier. An obliged stop-over (going from El Calafate or El Chalten to Puerto Rio Tranquillo and visit the Marble Caves) is to go to Chile Chico.

This village, trim and picturesque (but not touristic, as the similar Argentinian villages are!) lies on the second biggest lake of South America: Buenos Aires lake on the Argentinian side, General Carrera lake on the Chilean one.  It’s the lake that gives to Chile Chico the romantic and blue atmosphere, to do a stop-over during the night and benefit from a breath-taking panorama.

Photo Credit: Giulietta Furlani

From the centre, in 10 minutes walking you can get to the peak of Mirador del Viento (a bit more than 200 steps, good also for lazies!) from where you can admire both the lake and the Andes. These don’t reach huge heights and are rather bare, but are anyway a sight to see.

60 km (37 miles) away from Chile Chico there is the Reserva Natural Lago General Carrera, where it is possible to hike from one to three days, fish and enjoy the infinite spaces and patagonia wind.

Featured Photo Credit: Felipedd

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