Nafplio, Greece – Secret Pearl of Peloponneso

There is a Greece that most foreign tourists ignore. It is one that I found by accident, while I was going south in the Peloponneso peninsula. In Nafplio I stopped to change and head to Kalamata, but when I arrived there I decided to explore this small town, situated 50 km away from Korinto.

telefono 225

The Palamidi fortress, built during the Venetian period, dominates the city and it is reachable by car or by foot, rising a demanding but astonishing staircase of 999 steps and a view impossible to imagine. The fortress is made from different bastions, each one with a different spot to view Nafplio and the surrounding area. Don’t linger on the central part of the fortress: you should explore everything with calm and curiosity, because it reserves secret and unexpected glimpses, ignored by the majority of visitors. This building is a continual maze of arches, climbs, and slopes. Observing it you might may you think of the abstract and impossible drawings of M.C. Escher!

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After having visited it, my tip is to go to the sea, on the way to the fortress. There, there is a small path of 3 km, that will bring you to the town, with the mountain and the forest on one side, the sea on the other one. Nafplio’s historical centre is a pleasure for the eyes: colourful houses and small artisan’s shops, restaurants and pubs where you can taste a delicious natural greek yogurt, topped with fruit and honey!

Photo Credits: Giulietta Furlani

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