Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil – A Hostel for Hotel People

One of the best hostels I’ve ever been to is in Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil, and its name is Concept Design Hostel!

First of all I have to say it’s not like other hostels, or it would be suitable to say that the concept of this hostel is to be completely different than the facilities around the world that fall into the same category. It more closely resembles  a hotel, due to the high  service  quality, with the easy-going convivial atmosphere that typify hostels.


This wonderful place masters four concepts, as specified on their website: Design, Colour, Eco Sustainable & Healthy Food, and it enforces them very well. Design is the first thing you note when you walk in the front entrance and it’s undeniable that someone attentively studied the concept of design. The hostel inside is an explosion of colours, from the beds to the shared spaces, a nice yellow-pink-green-red mix and is cleverly distributed across the whole building. Because of the colours it is impossible to not be cheerful!


The owners have been careful about the impact of this construction on the environment. Solar heating and use of treated reforestation wood for the furniture are just two examples, plus the fact they participate in selective garbage collection.

And what about the healthy food? Well, it’s true…just taking a look at the menu by the bar lounge made me realize I’ve always eaten bad! Veggie and organic are the passwords of the dishes. A good combination of proteins and real vitamins, something I never care about before, so it has been such a pleasure to discover this for myself.

What makes the Concept Hostel pretty perfect (in addition to the swimming pool) is the location, really close to Cataratas Avenue, the main road of Foz do Iguazu, that links straight to Port de Iguassu, in Argentina. Don’t forget that those two are the locations of the famous massive Iguazu waterfalls!

The staff is terrific and ready to help, professional and friendly at the right point. They help to keep the place quiet and special. Concept Design Hostel is the perfect spot for those caring both about quality and the backpacking ambience. Don’t unlearn it when you visit Foz!

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