Porto Venere, Italy – Venus’ Place

Porto Venere, as the name says, is Venus’ place. A dreamy, small locality in the Liguria region, close to La Spezia (from where you can easily take a bus in Via Chiodo Giardini) it is popular for its small convoluted streets and its Church Peter the Apostle, where a legend says it was built on the temple of Venus.

Let’s go there for a relaxing day out. In summer you can swim and benefit from the warm weather, but if you don’t suffer in cold water you can also swim during the spring! There are boats going to Palamaria island, in front of the village. It is a natural oasis, perfect for a stroll.

And, please, don’t forget to eat pesto and focaccia ligure for lunch…if you are dithering you can have both, opting for a focaccia with pesto!


Photo Credit: Zita Zaccarini and Tommaso Baldovino

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