Bogotá, Colombia – Beyond Brilliant Beer

It’s no surprise that Brits love their beer. It’s in our blood…from a young age most English kids will tell you they accompanied their parents to the pub on a weekend for a good family feed and for dad to enjoy a couple of pints after a hard weeks work. The Brit pub culture is a great one for socialising and a stereotype I’m happy to say I live up to!

So, why not try and enjoy it abroad too? With more and more independent breweries popping up in edgy boroughs of London, it’s becoming cool for young people to drink beer so you’ll see no old men with pints of dark ale playing pool in these joints! Well guess what…I’ve found one of these great pubby places on the other side of the world, in Bogotá, Colombia.

Usually my reaction to a pub-like institution anywhere out side of the UK is to cringe and worry they’re on par with typical foreign Irish Bars (not saying I don’t love an Irish bar but they are a little cheesy)! Bogota Beer Company however, is anything but cheesy! Home brewed beers, friendly service, polished wood furnishings and Muse on the stereo is the order of the day in this little beer drinking, buzzing social hub. A must stop for tourists and locals alike, nationalities merge here with one thing in common – sipping the pale ale in this place all night… sadly for us the altitude and lack of a large lunch meant we didn’t last long, but you get the idea. Get to Bogota and have a drink here. You won’t be disappointed!

Photo Credits: Author’s Own

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