Chiloè Island, Chile – Disconnect and Relax

The village of Chonchi is located on Chiloè Island, and has a central position. From there you can reach sites of interest and it is quieter and more picturesque than the major city of Castro.

Going there, you can’t miss staying at Hostal La Tortuga, two steps to the cathedral (UNESCO heritage site). Ok, it isn’t a hostel for everybody, especially for those who need luxury, but is the perfect spot for those who love simple and authentic things, like the bell ringing  when a new host gets there. There is no cold intercom at La Tortuga!

Rooms are big and bright, beds are comfortable and furniture essential, but cozy. Each room has its own stove, to keep it warm (when somebody adds firewood inside). A corridor exposes the village’s central square and from there you can see the sea, above roofs and houses…and maybe you can see some chilote spirit in the distance.

The true heart of the hostel is the kitchen, Ximena’s kingdom. She’s a great and wise woman, ready to share tips about beautiful sites but mostly life stories and ancient Chilean wisdom.


My tip about La Tortuga is to leave the world outside. Wifi connection is not always working, but here, you don’t need it. Let yourself lie to idleness, cook on the stove, hand-make bread and cookies, listen to music, read, chat, stop. You are in the right place to do it.

Photo Credits: Author’s Own  //  Featured Photo Credit: Juanito1986

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