Paris – Céréaliste

This Tip has been suggested by our English, Paris-Based Explorer: Rebecca Smith

After the success of their pop-up stores and events, the five friends behind the Louis Cochon clothing brand have opened up Paris’s first cereal bar. If life gets a bit much and you want to embrace your inner kid, this is the place for you. Kick back with some super heroes, reggae, and classic comfort food in Paris’s 4th arrondissement.

With over 25 cereals to choose from, and four types of milk, there’s bound to be something that appeals to your taste buds. There are two sizes available in American-style take-out boxes which then get loaded up with whatever you choose. Lined up in a vast array of glass jars behind the counter the choice of cereals can seem overwhelming but the guys running this joint are on hand to proffer their favourites and win you over with samples. After that, you pick a topping (make it healthy with fruit or instead, Tiplr suggests going all-out with biscuits) and then finally, you can add a sauce. It’s any sweet-toothed person’s paradise, which is probably why the busiest time for them is around 4.30pm. French children (and their nannies) live for the goûter – a mid afternoon snack – so if you want to do it like a local swing by then and soak up the nostalgia as Parisians are taken back to their childhood.

Paris - Cerealiste
Paris – Cerealiste

Their clothing is showcased in the window and the walls are adorned with art from their own events, whilst colourful cereal boxes decorate the shelves. These, and other American sweet treats that they offer, aren’t that easy to come by in France. Speaking to Fred Chauvet, one of the self-proclaimed cereal lovers, he revealed the collective’s plans to expand the brand and use their café as an art space where they’ll welcome musicians and tattoo artists, as well as potentially putting up a TV to play cartoons. So head on down if you need to escape the city’s rush, and, as it’s so close to the Pompidou Museum it’s a perfect pit stop either before or after hitting the exhibitions.

Cerealiste is open from 8am-7pm during the week, and from 10.30am at the weekend. Want more info? Visit their Facebook Page! Delivery is also available with quirky delivery service, Deliveroo

Photo Credits: Cerealiste Facebook Page

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