New York City – Ribalta Brings the Heart of Naples to Manhattan

If you are still thinking about how delicious the pizza in Naples was, then you need to head to Ribalta, a Neapolitan, stylish pizzeria near NYC’s central square Union Square, sit down and enjoy their deliciously authentic menu. The owner, Rosario Procino previously launched the other famous NYC pizzeria Keste’ and then left to partner with Pasquale in creating this successful pizza wonderland.


The dough is the real one, thick but not too heavy. Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce are top quality and the crust is consistently good and crunchy. Ingredients they use are very tasty and the pie is easy to digest, not like other many pizzas we’ve tried in the city (some of them were even fried before!). Their chef, Pasquale Cozzolino believes that pizza should really be light, made with just water, flour, olive oil, and fresh ingredients. Tip: if you are really hungry order “pizza in pala”, that is a square shape pie that you can share with your loved one, or have it all for yourself. It’s crunchier than the regular pizza but super good.


Pizza is not the only delicacy to try: there are some traditional small plates from Naples including parmigiana (with fried eggplants and tomato sauce), baby octopus or meatballs with a tomato sauce and zucchini alla Scapece’s (that are fried and then marinated with vinegar). All of these are out of this world! 

Homemade desserts worth trying are tiramisu’, pastiera napoletana and the caprese chocolate cake. Price varies from $16 to $22 per pizza and a little more for the large square pies. The restaurant is obviously always packed, so make sure you make a reservation ahead of time. Or if you don’t mind waiting at the bar, order a cold Spritz, the typical Italian drink for aperitivo. The bartender there knows very well how to make it right.

Soccer fans can experience the Italian Series A matches together with plenty of cheerful people and a lot of pizza- of course!


Photo credits: Chef Cozzolino and Ribalta Website

Drooling? Time for a good pizza like in Naples!

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