Milan, Italy – Ostello Bello, More Than an Ordinary Hostel

You don’t stay here only if you need a place to sleep in Milan, nor if you just want free wifi. You pop into Ostello Bello because you love to meet new people from all around the world and why not…also local milanesi wishing to improve their english or any other language they speak!

It is located in the real centre of Milan, two steps from Colonne di San Lorenzo, the typical place where you can have a friendly beer outside (to do the best combo I suggest you grab friends or new people you meet there and go together to Ostello Bello!) and it is a bar, an hostel and it often hosts live music!

You can go there at aperitivo time and for 5 euro ($6 USD) you can taste home made food from an open buffet, with wine or beer!

The best thing is that the owner decided to open another Ostello Bello in Myanmar…so, travelers, if you like it you definitely must go to find its twin on the other side of the world!

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