Torres del Paine, Chile – National Park in One Day

Patagonia, Chile. How could you miss Torres del Paine National Park? Even if you don’t fit the boy scout way of life and you can’t trek for two or three days, everybody says that you must visit it! Guides suggest up to nine days trekking inside the park, but the minimum stay inside it is two days.  This means gearing up, being ready for everything and strongly determined…and maybe, sadly, is not your first choice.

Don’t give up hope! The solution exists and is simply to rent a car. Are you alone? Don’t give up again! In Puerto Natales you can easily meet travellers in the same situation and to fill a car as easy as pie, you only have to ask in various hostels. The cost for each person is approximately 13.000 pesos (16 euro/ $18 USD) to rent the car and for the gasoline, plus the entrance fee of the park (18.000 pesos/23euro/$25 USD).

With your own car you can feel free to make your own schedule, but the tip is to depart early and point north, to Amarga Lake, from where you can benefit from an incredible view of the Towers and eventually do a one hour jaunt. The peace breathable in this spot is sang from the poets: unmissable! Then, you can go back for 7 km, to Lago del Toro, where a small waterfall is waiting for you, fading in blue-green shades.


If you go back to the entrance of the park, you should go south until Grey Glacier, to leave the car and make another excursion. Be careful, it is really windy, but don’t worry, after the beach you can hike up to a panoramic point, where you will be satisfied from the unforgettable panorama and many icebergs separated from the glacier.


Following south, and going out of the park, you can stop at Cueva del midolon, where, at sunset, strange and mystic lights will drive you back to Puerto Natales.

Photo Credits: Author’s Own

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