Scotland – The Historic Stronghold of Dunnottar Castle

Rising from a clifftop of jagged rocks and crashing waves along rugged coastline, sits Dunnottar Castle. Steeped in dramatic history, this majestic Scottish fortress has played home to an array of Monarchs; from the brave and fierce William Wallace, to Mary Queen of Scots and a whole host of notable historic figures, it’s not one to be missed for anyone with a love of ancient buildings.

This fort has secured its rightful place in Scottish heritage as it was in these crumbling walls that the oldest regalia of the British Isles, the Scottish Crown Jewels, were hidden from the advancing English armies of Oliver Cromwell in the 17th Century.

You may want to bring your torch whilst navigating Dunnottar’s dark chambers! Prepare to be engulfed with gruesome tales of imprisonment and ferocious battles that took place both within and outside the castle walls. Although now in ruins, a trip with your camera and imagination ready to be activated, will be enough to transport you back in time to a turbulent chapter in Scotland’s history book.

Photo Credit: Author’s Own


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