Washington D.C. – Nation’s Capital by Moonlight

Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places to visit. I love seeing it in different seasons as the crowds shift and the monuments grow. Seriously, I think every time I go (which is about once a year) there are new streets or different traffic flows. I always feel like I can never count on the directions I have in my head because the roads are going to change. There are always a few constants though: Kennedy’s flame will always be there, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier will always be guarded, the cherry blossoms will always bloom in the spring and there will always be a ton of people around to take in the sights.

I look forward to all of those, even the crowds. But when I want to see DC in the most pristine way possible; silent, serene, majestic, there is only one way to do it and I found out completely by accident.

On a road trip once, we decided to stop in D.C. to take a few photos of the city. We had been here many times but never at 3 A.M. so we decided to drive from the tidal basin up to the Lincoln Memorial (my personal favorite national memorial). Many of the open monuments are accessible 24 hours a day and are lit fairly well. On a Saturday, at 3am you are golden because of two things:

1: Most tourists don’t get up that early on vacation.

2: Many of the politicians and staffers have gone home for the weekend.

Rokinon photos-3

So at 3 A.M. I walked in to the Lincoln Memorial and took a shot have yet been able to replicate at any other time of the day. I spent an hour there, just me and Abe except for a police man who came in on patrol. Note, do not do this by yourself as it is still the middle of the night and you will be safer in a group or at least a pair. If you want to see the most popular parts of Washington D.C. in a completely new way, make sure to go moonlighting!

Photo Credits: Author’s Own

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