Montana – Dive in With Mermaids

Mermaids.  Once thought to be just the stuff of fairy tales.  Currently residing in Great Falls, Montana…in a motor inn…inside a tiki bar…in (once again, let it sink in) Montana.  Sound unbelievable?  It almost is, but read on skeptics!

The Sip ‘n Dip Lounge is certainly one of a kind, and has been since the 1960’s, when the tiki-themed bar came into fashion.  It is adjacent to the O’Haire Motor Inn‘s pool, so instead of seeing outside the window behind the bar, you see inside the pool, where the mer-folk take turns swimming by.

Credit: Wiki Commons
Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

The mermaids have been entertaining patrons since the 90’s. These lovely creatures are particularly unexpected due to the fact that Montana is a land locked state, known for animals like buffalo and antelope that roam the country’s national parks and not for its marine life.

The bar itself serves up local Montana microbrews and specialty drinks like the Fish Bowl (personally drank by yours truly and a friend), a 64 fl oz. cocktail that features nine shots of different liquors. It also has an outdoor patio open during the summer.

Fish Bowl
Fish Bowl  // Photo Credit: Wiki Commons
"Piano Pat" Sponheim
“Piano Pat” Sponheim //  Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

As far as entertainment goes, the mermaids draw the biggest crowd but Piano Pat is a local legend and staple at the Sip ‘n Dip, singing unusual covers for the last 50 plus years! One of her most requested tunes is “Sweet Caroline” (yay Boston)! Tuesday is also Ladies Night, where you’ll be able to spot some mermen.

Featured Photo Credit: O’Haire Motor Inn

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