York, England – Bennett’s By Night

Bennett’s is one of those daytime tea rooms that unfortunately, almost gets lost in York‘s vast collection of pretty coffee and cake establishments. Cafe-by-day, the place is an easy to stumble on rest spot, perfect for post-York-Minster munchies. What perhaps stands out about Bennett’s, and what the place holds over all the rest, is it’s prime location: if you haven’t guessed yet, it looks out directly onto York Minster, hands down the most beautiful, most famous and greatest architectural feat in the area.

The Minster demands the attention of even local passers by… it’s impossible not to marvel at it’s demonizing stature, sure to make anyone feel small but at the same time, in awe of it’s highly-intricate stonework and archaic beauty. But that’s enough about this landmark, it is of course a must-see, but you’ll find details of the Minster written in each and every guide book. You can find out more at http://www.visityork.org but it’s Tiplr’s job to give you a dose of alternative advice.

Back to Bennett’s and, you’ve guessed it from the title, we’re advising you go there at night. Despite the opportunity to eat your dinner directly under a haunting view of the cathedral lit under warm flood-lighting, we think the food is pretty impressive too! Bennett’s really switches up it’s role in the evening, literally transforming into what they call a bistro, but what we have nicknamed a posh supper club. They have that limited seasonal style menu that demands you go back at least 5 times to try everything on it, because there isn’t one dish you wouldn’t devour! Tiplr was lucky enough to enjoy the juiciest garlic king prawns to start (we split a portion and usually with king-prawns this leaves you with 1.5 each, but there were 3 – hurray for Yorkshire portion sizes)! What followed was equally mouthwatering, both the haddock and the pork were served with an array of intricately detailed accompaniments – croquettes filled with pulled pork and cheese soufflé… wow – and of course, we managed to share a dessert remarking that we had to attempt to bake our own dark chocolate and salted caramel tart with clotted cream because it was an indulgence to rival all other indulgences!

Finished off with that friendly waitressing style that you just know is a genuine enjoyment for the workplace and not just an attempt to win big tips (in Northern England, it isn’t common for everyone to tip as it is in the States), Bennett’s Bistro is highly recommended for all of the above and, we have to say it again, that view.

Featured Photo Credit: http://www.everythingyork.co.uk/
Tip Photo Credits: Author’s Own

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