South Africa – Off the Beaten Path on the Panorama Route

Most people think of a few things when they think of South Africa: safari, cage diving with sharks, and wine. You probably picture flat plains with sporadic rock structures (i.e. The Lion King). What you may not know know about South Africa is how much diversity exists in the country’s landscape. Case in point: the Panorama Route. This 285 kilometer drive is a beautiful and unique part of South Africa that showcases the diverse natural beauty of the region. After sitting in a car on safari for a few days, it is a great way to get out, stretch your legs, and explore a bit more of the this beautiful country.

Blyde River Canyon
Blyde River Canyon

Many of the features of the Panorama Route are right off the road or just a short walk from the parking area. You will enjoy sweeping vistas of the Blyde River Canyon from Pinnacle Rock, God’s Window, and the Lowveld Viewsite. You will admire waterfalls like Lisbon Falls and Berlin Falls.

You will explore the otherworldly Bourke’s Luck Potholes, which are circular natural pools connected by sandstone outcrops.  And you will never forget the story of the Bapedi wives who were transformed into stone and sit for eternity as the Three Rondavels.

The best part is, you will likely have the Panorama Route largely to yourself as it does not attract nearly as many tourists as the game preserves!

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