Azerbaijan – A View in Baku

This tip comes from our Explorer: Emmaline Haywood

Getting lost in the streets of Baku is a distance apart from many other European cities. This beautiful city offers an array of culture and also has that cosmopolitan feel.  Venturing into the Old City is practically like walking into another world in itself. The cobblestoned roads and old buildings really add plenty of charm, with small shops selling pretty souvenirs and hidden cafés to get a cup of chay (Azerbaijani tea). If you feel like going for a shop you only need to head a short distance to the main town centre where there is plenty of choice. This inspiring city of Azerbaijan also offers an exciting nightlife with a choice of restaurants, bars and pubs.

Looking for somewhere cool to get a drink? The 360 bar on the top floor of the Hilton hotel is unforgettable, already promising to provide one of the best views of Baku the bar also rotates to make sure you catch every angle. Make sure you hit the bar in the evening to sip on a selection of cocktails whilst admiring the city lights.

If you’re looking for an unusual city break, then Baku is somewhere to consider.

Featured Photo Credit: Niyaz Bakılı

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