Vico Equense, Italy – Do You Know Where Caprese Salad Comes From?

Vico Equense is located on the Gulf of Naples, but it isn’t as famous as Naples or Sorrento. If you plan to pop into these localities you absolutely can’t miss Vico Equense if you are a smart traveller.

Want to know why? The village is really beautiful, with a cozy little centre and a magnificent cathedral on a cliff overlooking the sea. This church is called Santissima Annunziata and was built during the XIV Century. Two steps ahead there is Castello Giusso, erected by Carlo d’Angio’ to preserve the town.

Vico Equense is the ultimate spot to discover the Gulf of Naples, because of its position (easily reachable by car from the motorway Napoli-Salerno), really close to Sorrento and the amazing islands of Istria and Capri.

If you love adventure you can rent a motorbike to go to Sorrento, Nerano or Positano, riding one of the most beautiful streets you have ever seen, full of colours and plants of the Mediterranean scrub. If you prefer the sea, let’s rent a kayak and discover uncontaminated, secret beaches, hidden down the shadow of the rocks where the village has been erected.

Hungry? You couldn’t ask for a better place! This is the Fiordilatte area (a mozzarella made with cows’ milk) paired with tasty Sorrento tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and basil… do you know this recipe? It’s the famous Caprese Salad! It’s also the area of caciocavalloprovola, and of course… pizza! At Vico Equense you can buy pizza by the meter (from 40 cm to 2 meters!) Also, the many elegant restaurants are not to be missed, where you can taste fish. After dinner, a great tip is to order a limoncello (typical lemon liquor).

Want to dance? Marina di Seiano, 4 km from the town centre has sparkling pubs and cocktail bars, to have fun all night long!

Photo credit: Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup

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