San Francisco – Riding The Bay

San Francisco is an iconic, vibrant city that offers more than you think! Walking along the hilly streets, beholding the Victorian style buildings, catching a cable car to cross Chinatown and the other famous neighborhoods of the city are just a few things you can do over there. Take your time to look around at Fisherman’s Wharf, tasting between the thousands of fresh fish recipes suggested by the several kiosks in the square, while observing the fishermans’ boats and the merchant ships gaining entrance to the port.

But if you really want to  enjoy San Francisco, you should rent a bike (there are a lot of points to do it right at the Wharf) and ride across the city and along the coast line. Choose your “iron horse” and get ready for a breathtaking ride; leaving the Fisherman’s Wharf and following the trail you can easily reach the Golden Gate Bridge. Biking across the famous giant red bridge is a memorable experience that can enrich your image of this city; it’s like flying over the ocean! At the end of the bridge you enter into the small town of Sausalito, one of the closest residential areas of the bay, and from there you can enjoy the ride along the beach border, breathing in the healthy smell of the sea.

Photo Credit: Noemi Russo

Keep biking and you can stop by one of the numerous cafes along the street and have a drink to refresh yourself, delighting in the view of this nice town. Being a sort of natural path, you can easily arrive to the ferry point at the exit of Sausalito, and from there catch a ferry (you can carry the bike on board) and head back to the city. If you calculate the right time you can also catch Alcatraz island in the sunset light, since the ferry passes in front of it.

At the end you will have rode approximately 15 km…a good stroll for a sunny day in beautiful Frisco!

Featured Photo Credit: Dan Masa  

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