York, England – 36 Gins and the World’s Strongest Ale

So we’ve written a Tip about where to eat in York. We’ve written a Tip about where to sleep in York. We’ve even written a tip about where to enjoy coffee and cake, you guessed it, in York. But wait, there’s something missing… After you’ve spent the day exploring this Yorkshire gem, you’re going to be ready for a drink! And why not? You’re on your travels after all!  At Tiplr we’re great at finding places to recommend, and this doesn’t just mean the beaches and boltholes – we’re equally skilled at sniffing out a good bar or two, too.

Bars are fortunately another luxury that this city is blessed with a copious amount-of. They’re almost as common as the cafes – I know, hard to believe! Our favourites are Sontano’s and The House of Trembling Madness (do we get extra points for the quirkiest bar names ever?) which we love for very different reasons, depending on your choice of tipple. Luckily they’re only a stones stumble away from each other too so you can visit both in a pub-crawl fashion if you like!

The House of Trembling Madness is aptly named, a free house, thankfully not trembling, but slightly full of madness. Hidden behind the visage of an Off-Licence, you have to walk directly through the Liquor Store’s entrance and up the rickety stairs to find the location of this Old-English tavern. If you’re drinking here you better be prepared to huddle up because it’s very cosy. Think warming medieval drinking-hall, with the addition of stuffed animals instead of wall-paper. This 1180AD establishment welcomes friends and ancestors to celebrate it’s rich British history over a refreshing pint. Oh and we hope you enjoy ale, because this place stocks some of the strongest beers in the world! You can even grab one of the 800 types of beer stocked in the shop downstairs on your way out for a night-cap if you like. Cheers!

Just around the corner and taking it from Old-England to modern Mediterranean, is independent and underground bar, Sontano. If gin is more your thing, then you’re in luck… just make sure you don’t spend all evening browsing the selection of 30 on offer. Don’t expect your average G&T either. Expect a heavy crystal glass, with carefully paired fruit (no boring wedge of lemon here) and your choice of tonic. Our choice was mixed with orange-rind and blueberries, topped off with a delicious elderflower tonic… a complete taste sensation. The staff are also willing to share their extensive Gin-Expertise and before you know it, you’ll be drinking your way through the menu in this warm, candle-lit bar. Peckish? Rumour has it their Chilean-Chef makes pretty tasty Tapas too!

Photo Credits: Author’s Own

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