Ronda, Andalucía – A Different Kind of Hotel

This tip has been suggested by our Spanish Explorer: Maria Gil Ortega

In Andalucia, there are many renowned cities: Seville, Granada, Malaga…but Ronda, because it is enclosed between the mountains, is a less famous destination. During the centuries, many eminent travelers had a strong relation with this wicked and taurine land: Rainer Maria Rilke, Picasso, Orson Welles, Hemingway.

Through its calcimine alleys we meet an alternative place: Enfrente Arte Hotel, an old host house from the 15th century, that, since 1997, belongs to the recording producer Filip Eycmans. He conceived it as an hotel for producers and musicians of the cultural world, but after a year he opened the hotel to the public, giving to it a bohémian and innovative atmosphere. This versatile space contains 11 rooms, swimming pool, sauna, art gallery, and recording studio that sometimes is converted to a cinema or concert hall.

Breakfast is served!

Another strength is the decoration, half way between old local goldsmithing, furnitures from art collectors and recycling ones, for example surfboards as tables, car pieces as seats, basketballs as flowerpot stands or birds’ nests.


Music is everywhere, that one made from the artists that worked with Filip Eycmans: Madonna, dEUS, Buscemi, Orishas, Balthazar, Macaco…

And, of course, this hotel is a ode to relax, freedom, quiet: the bar is available 24 hr, all the meals are included in the price of the room and breakfast time is until 3 p.m.!

Photo credits: Enfrente Arte Hotel

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  1. Victoria says:

    I loved Ronda! The people were so hospitable and friendly


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