Brooklyn • Unique Cocktails

Most nights out in New York are based around seeing something new. In Brooklyn though there are plenty of places to visit and explore, a must see is Grand Army Bar. The bar is the vision of a group of restauranteurs and other creatives in the food industry including the talented and renowned food photographer Daniel Kreiger. With an amazing front and back of house staff, they have created a fantastic menu and some of the most unique cocktails in New York.

Grand Army Bar

Honestly, walking in my first impression was that it didn’t feel like I was in Brooklyn. Don’t get me wrong I love Brooklyn but it really has an atmosphere that seems pulled straight from the midwest. Rough cut wooden floors, an old school wooden bar and a fireplace that just fits perfectly. I think one of my favorite things about Grand Army is the fact that they have an amazing run of unique cocktails that are all created in house and lately have been featuring different guest bartenders numerous times throughout the week. If you happen to be in Brooklyn and are looking for a unique experience in a beautiful location, you have to check out Grand Army Bar. Make sure to follow them on Instagram for all types of awesome events and signature cocktails!

Photos: Author’s Own

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