Queens, New York City – Comfort Food, Day and Night!

Founded in 2011, Queens Comfort is a popular neighborhood staple with dishes like ‘bacon scallion mac and cheese’ and ‘Capt’n Crunch chicken fingers’ that keep customers coming back. Featured on Food Network’s, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Queens Comfort is most well-known for their epic brunch menu. Quoted as “the greatest brunch in Queens—maybe all of New York City” by Conde Nast Traveler, the menu (and decor which includes year-round Christmas lights) is deliciously quirky. From ‘Oreo Brioche French Toast’ to the ‘Deep Fried Breakfast Chimichanga,’ everything is full of flavor and the portions are plentiful. Have I mentioned this place is BYOB? Extra points in the ‘go here ASAP’ column!

Queens Comfort
Photo Credit: Eye Tunes/Flickr

With vegetarian options including the ‘Crispy BBQ TOFU Sandwich’ and ‘“The Boomer” Mushroom & Parmesan Burger,’ Queens Comfort aims to please all customers. The restaurant itself is definitely cozy, but don’t worry about bumping shoulders – everyone’s really friendly.

Take note: No reservations so be prepared to wait; especially if you intend to get brunch on the weekend. Queens Comfort is a cash-only business (no worries if you forget; there’s an ATM conveniently located next door). Also, don’t show up here on a Monday – this comfort food haven is only open Tuesday-Sunday.

Featured Photo Credit: Eye Tunes/Flickr

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