Huacachina, Peru – A Sand Boarder’s Paradise

If headed to Peru, there are plenty of worthwhile stops on the route from Lima to Cusco (and then to Machu Picchu). Companies like Peru Hop offer safe and affordable services covering the south of Peru, and show an unknown side to this iconic country.

The sleepy little town of Huacachina is like a desert oasis. The small town surrounds a manmade lagoon, with restaurants and guesthouses strewn along the perimeter. The sand dunes encompassing the town seem to stretch as far as the eye can see. For a town this small, it would appear that there isn’t much going on. The main attraction, taking a buggy out on the dunes to sand board, brings in a plethora of travelers!


Most accommodations include the buggy/sand boarding tour with the cost of the room. Once signed up for either the morning or evening time slot, you are free to relax until your departure. The evening session allows stunning views over the dunes at sunset. Don’t worry; even if you are signed up for a morning session, you can still climb the nearby sand dunes (if your legs can handle it) to watch the sunset on your own.


Remember, this is meant to be fun! If you aren’t comfortable standing on the sand board and riding down like you would on a snowboard (remember this is thick sand, so it is not the same as snowboarding), then you can lay belly down or sit on the board like a sled. No matter what… you are going to get sandy (!) so make sure you are dressed in athletic clothes to ensure you are comfortable. Don’t forget, this is the Peruvian desert; make sure to wear plenty of sun protection!

Photo Credits: Author’s Own



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