Milan – Dinner in Another Age

Everybody thinks that Milan is mostly a city for fashion, design, posh happy hours, intercultural meetings and banks…but that’s absolutely not true!  Of course, Milan isn’t always the easiest city. If you don’t know where to go and you are a tourist, you should be wary of restaurant owners that try to take advantage. But, if you are ready to walk and lose yourself through the small and less known streets of the city, you can find amazing bars and restaurants, there for years and years, and usually frequented by local people.

One of these is Trattoria dalla Lina Orsolina, located in the city centre but invisible (even though the curtains outside have white and red stripes!) to the eyes of those only looking for Duomo and Happy Hour.  It is an extremely old and alternative restaurant, where for 10 euro ($ 10 USD) you can eat the only menu available there (that you are obliged to try): pasta e fagioli ( pasta with beans), polpette (meatballs) and some charcuterie and cheese aperitif. The menu changes daily, but always includes red or white wine. The most astonishing thing is not the menu, but the owners: Lina and Toni have worked there for 40 years. I don’t think they’ve changed the restaurant design and furnitures, but this is what gives this place a vintage and “other dimension” atmosphere. Absolutely a place to try!


If you are lucky you might pop in during one of the frequent parties that are organised in the restaurant. In fact, more often than normal dinners, the close-knit customers organise birthday parties, meetings, concerts and any good occasion to meet up together and enjoy life with Lina and Toni!

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