Seoul, South Korea – Cherry Blossoms Signal Spring

Spring has arrived! In South Korea the arrival of Spring brings great significance as the winters are very long and bitterly cold. In our opinion Spring is one of the best times to visit South Korea, spring flowers sprout from every corner and they look beautiful in contrast with the bare winter trees. There are also loads of events and the beginning of some of Korea’s favourite holidays such as Childrens Day and Buddhas Birthday. Today we’re going to tip you off about the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival! It’s held every year during the beginning of April (this year, 2016, 4th April – 10th April). Every Seoulite knows that once the Flower festival hits, its truly Spring. Time to tuck the thick winter coats back into the wardrobe!

The festival boasts nearly 2000 cherry blossom trees and various other Spring flowers. The festival is free to attend and available all day and through the night. When the sun starts to set the Spring trees are lit up with a colourful light display, bringing the festival into night time. If you attend the festival during the night you can catch many different street performances and different events as you wander down the colourful street. Of course, being South Korea many different street foods are available too. The Koreans favourite springtime street snack is grilled squid! It’s not as scary as it sounds, think of it as a freshly grilled beef jerky.


The festival is held very close to Yeouido park so we suggest taking a bunch of your friends, packing a picnic, bring along some Korean soju and enjoy the Spring festivities together! If you’re in Seoul and wanting to head to the festival this Spring we suggest taking Subway line 5 to Yeouinaru station, or line 9 to National Assembly station. Or, alternatively you can take any bus heading to Yeouido (be aware that the buses can get quite crowded towards the evenings).

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