Zürich, Switzerland – Gratis

Zürich is one of the most livable cities, offers the highest salaries and arguably has the most fountains, but it is also the most expensive city. This shouldn’t keep you away as there are ways to save big bucks in this pretty and medieval town.

First of all there is a fantastic public transport system where buses, trains, trams and boats all run on the same ticket. If you get a return ticket it will allow you unrestricted access to all means of transportation within 24 hours in the zone(s) you selected. If that’s not enough, “rent” a bicycle for free from near the main station and use the many cycling paths in this town. (AOZ).

Zurich - Gratis
Photo Credit: eGuide Travel

Thirsty after your ride?  Zurich is the undeclared leader in fountains with drinking water. There are in fact two separate networks of water from different sources with a quality comparable to more expensive waters from far far away.

While Zurich is not the place for inexpensive street food there are a couple of options to fill your hungry tummy. Migros, Coop, Denner, Aldi and Lidl are grocery chains offering inexpensive food for a picnic. You can even buy beer and wine as it is allowed to drink in public! I shouldn’t give this tip away but the best affordable restaurant in downtown Zurich might be Manor. Indulge yourself in a salad that’s paid by plate instead of weight. Great value if you know how to stack!

For the latest free offers check out the website Zuerichunbezahlbar (only in German, but hey, you’ll just want to learn the language to be able to navigate this site).

Featured Photo CreditPedro Szekely

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  1. Louisa S says:

    I love Zurich ~ such a great city!


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