Tangier, Morocco – Get Lost & Then Found By a Local

See things and smell things you have never imagined, immerse your self in the souk (market). Take it all in.

Getting lost is one of the best experiences in Tangier and you’ll find that surprises await you around every corner. In the souk, you can buy spices, traditional Moroccan slippers, or brass or ceramic goods to take home.

Photo Credit: Crystal Anderson

The medina, the old walled city, is a labyrinth of winding alleys, intricate doors, bakeries and more. All joking aside, it’s easy to get lost in the medina. Pay a local a few dirham to guide you around.

Have them take you to the Kasbah, where you can visit the former Sultan’s palace and gardens and see a beautiful collection of artifacts from Phoenician to modern times. Ask the local to take you to a restaurant for dinner. Our porter guided us to a traditional Moroccan restaurant with no menu and we ended up having a delicious and authentic feast.

For more from Crystal, check out her site Candie Travels!

Featured Photo Credit: Yutaka Fujii

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