Seoul, South Korea – Sheep Cafe

Cat cafés have been popular in Asia for years and have recently started popping up around the whole world. Cat cafes are still popular in Asia today but here in Seoul, South Korea a quirky café owner has opened a sheep café! The café ‘Thanks Nature Café’ is located in the popular student area of Hongdae.

Seoul, S Korea - Sheep Cafe
Photo Credit: Louisa Smillie

Thanks Nature Café has two sheep, they live outside in a wooden area filled with hay so that the café can remain clean and odour free. Café visitors are welcome to enter the sheep area outside and stroke the sheep if they want! If you’re lucky you can catch the sheep at their feeding time and the owner will let you feed the sheep from your hands (so cute). One reason why we really like this café is that you can tell the owner really cares for the sheep, their area is kept clean and sometimes you can see him walking them to make sure they get some exercise! You can safely leave your drinks and belongings inside the café while you coo over the cute sheep.

Photo Credit: Wei-Te Wong

The café itself has a welcoming environment with all of the typical café drinks as well as Asian specialities like Green Tea Lattes, all available at a reasonable price. As well as drinks you can get some desserts such as waffles, or Korea’s national dessert, Pat Bing Su (although this may be limited to summer time only). They’re open from 11am – 10pm so you can stop by the café at day or night.  Thanks Nature Café is easily accessible if you take Exit 9 from Hongdae station and walk for 5 minutes.    

Featured Photo Credit: Author’s Own

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  1. lisawinckelmans says:

    Omg that’s so amazing 😀

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    1. Louisa S says:

      They’re so cute! I definitely recommend you check it out if you’re ever in Seoul!

      Liked by 1 person

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