Madrid – Following in Street Artists’ Footsteps

This tip has been suggested by our Spanish Explorer: Maria Gil Ortega
We  already know that Madrid has many cultural things to do: art galleries, culture centres, music venues… What is not so well known is the other side of Madrid life, the one that comes out from the barrio, and proposes an alternative nightlife. There are plenty of good restaurants, tapas bars and terraces everywhere. This is Madrid’s secret: the city envelopes the traveller, while he’s exploring its streets and discovering its corners.
Madrid Street Art
Photo Credit: mertxe iturrioz/Flickr
The Madrid Street Art Project suggests an original way to taste the city, through its urban safaris…a path that offers a new perspective, following urban art, and completing it with information about authors, history and other curiosities. This kind of guided tour has something for everybody. They are open to solo explorers or groups (10- 20 people), for only 5 euro ($ 5 USD) per person!
Featured Photo Credit: Astro Naut // Street Art

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