York, England – Coffee for Cool Customers

Hobbling along the sleepy, cobbled streets of York is bound to get a little tiring at some point, right? Well, at Tiplr we think it must due to the copious amounts of cake and coffee on offer from the quaint tea-rooms on each and every corner (and trust us, there are a number of corners in this higgled-piggldy old town). Anyone familiar with York’s Ladies-Who-Lunch-Agenda has probably heard of Betty’s Tea-Rooms, and rightly so: it’s an Afternoon Tea Institution here in the U.K. and probably one of the most well-known, famed names in the British Cafe-Culture… well worth braving the queue if you’re in Yorkshire for the weekend.

However, if less-tourist, more local is your thing (it’s definitely ours!) then we have a quietly cool alternative. The Fossgate Social, conveniently placed on Fossgate, banishes the stereotype of Olde-Worlde Tea-Shops with questionable floral decor, only serving Earl Grey and scones… you won’t see any of this here. Instead, corner yourself with a cushion, grab an Americano from an Independent Roastery, a homemade Caramel Shortbread or, on a warmer afternoon, how about a Cucumber Cooler mocktail to quench your thirst?!

Bar by night, this cafe by day is an almost overly trendy spot with an inspiring cohort of cool customers. You’ll spot academics and creatives alike, and listen to their subtle hum of ideas in progress. The indie cafe-bar hybrid is definitely something to write home about and the best part is, if you really like it you can stay all evening! Tiplr’s top Tip? Take along your laptop or kick it old-school with a notebook and compliment your ideas with a refreshing pint of England’s finest pale-ale.

… Any excuse for an afternoon tipple and a cake!

Featured Photo Credit: Adam Bruderer/Flickr

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