Czech Republic – Get Whipped to Stay Young

Easter is coming and each family has its tradition. Here in Italy we used to hide hard-boiled, coloured eggs for children, that they have fun finding, and collecting as many as they can. And of course, we eat it for lunch!

Chocolate and colomba (typical Italian cake made for Easter) are never missing on the tables, but our traditions are limited to the food (you’re not surprised, are you?)

If we go to Czech Republic, however, there is a ritual that needs our attention: it is called pomlázka (that means “make younger”) and it’s a braided whip made from pussy willow twigs, that boys use to whip girls on the legs. Actually, it seems to be a bit nasty, but if you are whipped with pomlázka they say you will keep your beauty and youth!

So, girls, let’s go to Czech Republic (Prague is famous for being cool, but there are other marvelous cities, for example Karlovy Vary, a hot spring town, renowned for thermal water) to be hunted by boys with pomlázka and get ready for summer bikini season!

Featured Photo Credit: eltpics/Flickr

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