Ilha do Amor, Brazil – Make Your Heart Throb

This Tip has been suggested by our Italian Explorer: Giulia Furlani

Ilha do Amor is reachable by renting a boat from the unique village of Cacha Pregos, and it is indeed a heart that floats on the ocean. In fact, its particular shape reminds many of a heart and, because of it, someone gave it this romantic name. For other people, the name is due to the island’s beauty and peaceful atmosphere, that makes everybody fall in love. Who can blame them?

Photo Credit: Por ai de Mochila

Imagine a heavenly beach without anybody for kilometres, velvet-sand and incredible blue sea…Can you see it? That’s it! The Ilha do Amor, not to be missed!

If you rent a boat you can have a tour around the island and swim in its crystal water. It can also be the right moment to have a picnic on the beach or to camp there during the night and enjoy a peerless starry sky!

Featured Photo Credit: Otávio Nogueira/Flickr

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