Good Friday in Bermuda – Go Fly a Kite

Easter in the Western world usually involves going to church, hunting for eggs and being visited by a large bunny (as least when you’re a kid), but traditions vary all around the world.

In Bermuda, Good Friday is celebrated in a way that certainly appeals to this writer. This holy day is spent flying kites, eating codfish cakes, dancing on the beach and indulging in hot cross buns. Sounds like a great Friday to us!

Good Friday
Photo Credit: Lisa/Flickr

The kite flying supposedly began when a local teacher was trying to effectively describe Christ’s ascension to heaven to his Sunday School class. To give the kids a visual, he launched a kite with his likeness. Kite design and size varies but most are made out of wood and paper, and can be seen all over the island.

Although families build their kites and fly them all over, people gather together at Horseshoe Bay for KiteFest, which includes a non denominational religious service, live entertainment and games. During the day you can be swept onto the beach to dance, enter the kite competition, or engage  in a tourists versus locals game of tug of war.

Good Friday in Bermuda
Gombeys | Photo Credit: Malcolm Manners

The Gombey Dancers are an iconic folk symbol, reflecting the island’s blend of African, indigenous peoples, Caribbean and British cultures, and are not to be missed (as if you could with their colorful and intricate costumes).

Don’t worry about being an outsider or new to the island traditions. The locals love to include other travelers in their celebrations, making you feel right at home and welcome.

Featured Photo Credit: Rich Cumbers

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