Tokyo – A Museum For Our Inquisitive Selves

Tokyo is great, full of food, fashion and interesting technology. However once you’ve done all of the usual attractions like Shibuya and Tokyo Tower it can be hard to find something a little bit different to do. Why not hop on the JR line to Meguro to take a trip to the Parasitological Museum! So, this one is a little on Tiplr’s strange side but it’s definitely something interesting to do if you have a couple of spare hours.

Tokyo - A museum for our inquisitive selves
Photo Credit: Philip Simko

The museum, set up and funded by a Japanese professor runs on a donation basis and provides two floors of creepy crawly goodness ready to satisfy the inquisitive side of ourselves. The museum boasts a collection of 60,000 preserved parasites to feast your eyes upon, which before visiting, we were unaware that such creatures could exist! You really will learn a lot at this place. We find the more squeamish you are, the more you can’t help but look! As well as preserved parasites showcased throughout the museum, there are also more interactive live; we repeat live, demonstrations. On the second floor of the museum showcases an 8 metre long tape worm, with an example tape to measure up against! Can something 8 metres long really live inside of us?!

WARNING: After visiting this place you will chronically Google every symptom you’ve ever had to make sure you don’t have any of the parasites you’ve just learned about. You will also feel strangely itchy, and probably like you don’t want to eat anything ever again, just in case. This being said, it’s a very memorable experience. Enjoy!      

Featured Photo Credit: Guilhem Vellut/Flickr

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