Naples, Italy – Unbelievable Kayaking!

Naples, a frenetic and marvelous city, full of historical monuments and unforgettable sights. There is an old proverb: “Visit Naples and Then You Die” because it’s a certainty that everybody falls in love with this city!

Not everybody knows that there is an alternative way to discover Naples that isn’t so traditional…and it is to discover it by kayak, to admire the neoclassical houses, Roman ruins, and secret corners that show themselves only from the sea.


I have done a guided tour with the guys of Kayak Napoli and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in this city! We had an appointment at Rocce Verdi in the Posillipo area and we jumped in a kayak to start an adventure to the marine reserve of Gaiola, to the volcanic bay of Trentaremi and to get into the incredible Tufo‘s cavern. If the tide allows, it is also possible to get in a cursed house, from its underground tunnel. (Parts are thought to be haunted due to the tragic misfortunes of former residents). From here, be astonished by a marvelous sunset, with Vesuvio volcano as a background. All these things and more bring to light why we say and repeat that old proverb!

Tiplr’s top Tip? If it’s a full moon night….take advantage! You can join the Full Moon Kayak which includes a trip and a dinner on a fishing boat…a unique experience (trust me!)  Enjoy the company, harmony, atmosphere and of course, the delicious meal! Usually the price varies between 20 and 40 Euros ($20-40 USD), but it depends on the trip.

Photo Credits: Kayak Napoli

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