Koh Phi Phi, Thailand – ‘The Beach’ Beach

Koh Phi Phi is THE party island for Thailand travellers. Knowing the transport in Thailand, it will take a good five-hours worth of boat trips from the mainland, a long coach and an uphill trek, but you’ll eventually arrive at the island and experience, well, for want of a better word, paradise!

Stay here for a few days and likelihood is you’ll wake at 11am each day with a sore head after nights fuelled by this country’s unsuspected traveller delicacies: strawberry daiquiri buckets and gigantic pizza slices. Believe me, they’re delicious at 2am on the stumble back to your hostel!

Photo Credit: Rose-Hannah Lishman

However, madness aside, this island is a must-visit for a more cultural reason…yes, you can come to Phi Phi to do things other than party! Tiplr’s top tip is to spend a (non-hungover) day heading out on a morning boat trip from Tonsai Pier to Maya Bay (the beach from Danny Boyle’s The Beach film) on a hunt to find Leonardo Di Caprio to snorkel and watch the sunset with. (Unlikely he’s still there, considering the film was made in 2000, but a girl can dream!)

Getting on and off the boat is a challenge and you may end up with a few bruises from the rusting metal ladder – an interesting contraption to use considering the main purpose of the trip was to hop from beach to beach, on and off the boat, but that’s experiencing real Thailand for you, which is what we aim to provide here at Tiplr.

Despite spending the whole trip ensuring your weight is evenly distributed so you don’t capsize in the middle of the sea,  you are sure to we have an absolutely incredible day snorkelling in the coral, chilling with monkeys on Monkey Beach and of course visiting Maya Bay where ‘The Beach’ was filmed. The boat captain (term used loosely) even provides butter flavoured wafer biscuits as a snack, how generous. Maya Bay has to be the most beautiful beach you will ever visit – it’s just a shame you are limited to spending an hour there as tourism is limited for preservation reasons…when you get there and experience the luscious warm waters and white sands, you’ll see exactly why.

Photo Credit: Golden Hill Bungalows

Wondering where to stay on Phi Phi? Our recommendation is Golden Hill Bungalows. No doubt you’ll be heckled by every hostel when you land on the island, but look out for this one, and let the kindest little Thai man who will carry your bags all the way from the port to this hill-top accommodation for a small tip (there are no cars on the island so you’ll be more than grateful for this)! Trust me, you feel on top of the world at this hostel, even if it is a slight trek compared to the other beach side boltholes!

Featured Photo Credit: Thomas Sauzedde

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