Trans-Siberian Express – SIM Card Saviour

Here’s a Tiplr Tip of the best kind. I’m not saying that our destination suggestions aren’t brilliant, but let’s just say there’s no use visiting one of those brilliant beaches or bars if you can’t brag about it with an Instagram post, right?!

As much as I hate to say it, we’re in the 21st century and we’re all hooked to a smart-phone. It’s even acceptable and maybe even ‘normal’ to take your iPhone travelling with you as your camera, mp3 player and your best source of contact with home! Sadly, though, Wi-Fi still isn’t available everywhere (…one day!) and one place you’re certainly not going to find it, is in Siberian Russia! No fear though, if you’re dying to post a picture on the banks of the Baikai Lake, or just looking for some in-train entertainment whilst travelling the Trans-Siberian Express, we have the answer and it isn’t buying a massively expensive data bundle from your provider – trust me, from experience it isn’t worth the phone bill when you arrive home!

Our alternative? GET A RUSSIAN SIM CARD. It’s that simple, and the best part is, for unlimited data allowance, forever, it isn’t likely to set you back much more than $10 USD, saving you a fortune! As long as you keep credit on it for those emergency calls, your data won’t run out! The best place to sort this out is in one of the many cellular provider shops in modern Moscow, before you head out into the deep depths of Russia! This might sound like the most obvious Tip yet, but we bet you hadn’t thought of it… you’re welcome!

Featured Photo Credit: CN Traveler


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