Saturnia, Italy – A Spa Treat in the Wild!

This tip was written by our Italian explorer: Layla Gallo

Nature can give us many Tips to enjoy a really natural holiday. One of these soulful spots is the warm, blue, sulfurous water found at Gorello of Saturnia, in the Tuscan Maremma.

Nearly everyone in Italy knows that at Saturnia there are waterfalls and a remote spa (paid admission), but nothing is wilder, more intimate, and relaxing than having a free bath in Gorello.

Gorello in local dialect means canal, and this one is born from the sulfurous source of 37°C and gushes water at 800 liters per second.

This canal flows through the rushes, falling down on calcareous terraces shaped by the water’s erosion. The water, in fact, has extraodinary qualities: in the past, local people used to bring their crippled horses, who were miraculously healed!

In the middle of the winter it is also possible to benefit from this pleasantness. The sun seeps in the rushes, the flow goes through rocks that habitual visitors have arranged to create a natural hydro-massage and you can let yourself go, in the middle of purifying and sulfureous vapours, with all your thoughts and anxieties.

To continue this holiday in the sign of nature, after a restful bath, you can find a haven in one of the many facilities strewed around. One of the best is Fornacina Country House an old homestead from 1840, that has been refurbished while keeping its antique taste.

Its rustic atmosphere carries you into an old dream, when nature’s rhythm was enough to balance out daily life’s holes. Strolls and explorations in the surroundings will fill you with marvels and awareness. To conclude this experience and to keep dreaming…you can’t miss a romantic dinner, in one of the medieval hamlets enclosing the precious waters of Gorello.

Photo Credit: Author’s own

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