Grimentz, Switzerland – A Must-See Show in The Mountains

To all those in the mountains this winter:

It is no secret that watching the sun rise and set is both a beautiful and humbling experience, yet few people actually bother getting out of bed or pausing in the evening to admire them. One of my biggest Tips would be to make that effort, especially if you are in the mountains. Pull yourself out of bed early, or away from the hectic life of après-ski and watch one of nature’s finest and most common shows. In Val D’Anniviers, a Swiss Alpine Valley adjacent to the famous Zermatt, you can watch the sun rise and set over a series of 4000m peaks, from the Matterhorn to the Weisshorn. It is absolutely spectacular.

Although you can see these from your bedroom window, I have a better idea. If you are in the village of Grimentz, put on your boots/skis and go a little way up the hill, just to the right of the blue piste that runs into town. Within 15 minutes you will reach a small monument building, you can’t miss it. There is bench near here. Take a pew and be blown away by the vast array of colours that scatter the skies and mountains as the sun rises and falls each day. It is always different, always beautiful.

This Tip is by no means limited to any place or space; go out wherever you are and you will see the area you are visiting in a whole new light as you watch the world wake up and go to sleep. Just make sure you pick a clear day!

Photo Credit: Author’s Own

Featured Photo Credit: Author’s Own

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