Praia do Sonho, Brazil – A Dream Come True

This Tip comes from our Italian Explorer: Noemi Russo

If you travel to the state of Rio de Janeiro, you can’t miss a visit to Praia do Sonho, in the protected environmental area of Cairussú, not far from the city of Paraty. As the name Dream Beach suggests, the place is a dream come true. Hidden behind the green mountains, it’s a heaven you can reach only by a 4 km trail, or by boat, sailing the crystalline sea.

For sure, the trail is well worth being crossed, to really taste the achievement of this paradise. Don’t fear, you won’t need training, it’s an easy path along the mountain that resembles a small forest where you can enjoy the birds tweeting while you walk. Praia do Sonho is a place untouched by civilization, being connected only to a small fishermans’ village, and with only a couple of camp sites and some restaurants to give refreshment to tourists.

From the church, which is set in the middle of the beach, there is another 20 min walking trail to reach different natural pools that arise from the Jamanta stream; a good place to swim into sweet water and to delight in the gorgeous nature of the place.

The beach rim is shaded by almond and fruit trees and enriched by the fishermans’ houses and boats, and is definitely one of the best walks in the Paraty area.

There are two other beaches accessible by this beach: Antigos and Antiginhos. They are protected by a difficult trail, starting at the end of Praia do Sonho. Because of the hard walk they are quite deserted and there are no kiosks or restaurants. For this reason they could be the perfect spots for those who love the wild!

Go to Praia do Sonho to pick the tasty fruits directly from the trees, eat fresh fish while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the bay, surf like a pro and breathe in real Brazilian life.

Photo Credit: Author’s Own

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