Sicily – Mt. Etna on a Budget

So you like volcanoes as we do at Tiplr. You’ve come to Sicily to admire this natural beauty and you may be wondering about day trips to Mount Etna starting at 50 EUR. Luckily we can recommend a bus ride from the big circular bus stop in front of Catania train station that doesn’t cost the world (12 EUR roundtrip). It takes you up to the large parking lot at Rifugio Sapienza at 1900 meters asl. You can also drive your rental car up there.


Catch the daily AST bus at 8:15 and enjoy a leisurely ride up the hill through old lava fields, past a destroyed home or two. When you arrive at 10:15 you are near a couple of not so old craters called Crateri Silvestri. Whatever your preference – you’ve got 6 hours to play until the bus leaves again.

mtetnaVery strong hikers can start to tackle the mountain right there and run up to the highest point at 3200 meters asl. If you are less fit you can take the cable car up to 2500 m (28.50 EUR up). There you have a fantastic view of Catania and the sea.

The next stage of public transport are all-terrain vehicles that take you up to 2900 m (which you book at the bottom of the cable car). We chose to hike up to wherever we liked and visited some colorful craters. Imagine you are on the moon with a million dollar view. There are paths but nobody stops you from going  your own way.

Photo Credit: Dominik Schweizer,  Scania and Carmencitta


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