Halong Bay, Vietnam – Visit At Least Once In Your Life!

Halong Bay is perhaps one of the most popular places in Vietnam and it is definitely one of the places to visit at least once in your life. If you go there around September, out of season, you won’t find many tourists and instead, many more backpackers and interesting people!

In Halong Bay there is a intriguing hostel, Halong Happy Hostel (formerly Guide House Hostel), located in the city center, only a few meters from the sea. The owner is really warm and friendly, he speaks good English and he can give you stimulating tips on where to go and what to visit. What’s more, a double room is only $4 USD a night!

For $30 USD you can also hop on a boat tour all around the bay, to discover amazing natural seasides and ideal spots to kayak, swim and hike. Don’t forget to ask locals about restaurants. In this country the best is to be confident and ask the local people for trusted tips!

Photo Credit: Halong Travel

Featured Photo Credit: Misadventures Mag

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