Aruba – Local Food on the Beach

If you’re visiting Aruba, you’re most likely staying in one of the two major hotel areas, and while the hotels all have great restaurants and delicious cuisine, my tip for you is to indulge in the local flavors a bit off the beaten path. Of all of the food we indulged in on the island, our dinner at The West Deck, was absolutely the most delightful.

First of all, the restaurant is RIGHT on the beach. When inquiring about a table outside with a view I was told, “the restaurant is almost entirely outside, so that will not be an issue.” The view of turquoise waters, white sand and distant cruise ships did not disappoint and the food was nothing short of memorable.

Their menu is a lengthy list of hot and cold appetizers, breads, seafood, sandwiches and sides. The tapas-style offerings are perfect for groups who love to share. The coconut shrimp, tenderloin & plantain pincho, sate bali, johnny cakes, BBQ ribs and tostones are all highly recommended, and were quickly demolished by our hungry troop.

Photo Credit: Josie Victoriaa

Naturally it is recommended that you wash down all that great food with one (or two) of their unique fruity cocktails! The staff is very helpful and eager to point you in the right direction if you want to continue the party after your dinner or do some sight seeing post lunch.

Featured Photo Credit: Aruba Restaurants

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