Mt. Ararat, Armenia – Run For The Hills

Yerevan, capital city of Armenia, probably not on your bucket-list, right? But countries bordering Europe and Asia have always been of a curiosity to me. How does continental and Asian culture fuse together in these parts? Is it really as bizarre and baron as the Eastern-European stereotype suggests? Do people actually arrive as tourists here?

Bordering Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran, this little mountainous gem straddles both Western, developed and developing nations and brings together an infusion of cultures which is anything but underwhelming. One to add to your ‘to-do list’ when you’re getting tired of the typical city-break. Once you’ve landed in Yerevan, supped up the massive pub-culture and visited the inspiring sites of the Republic Square, National Museum, and numerous Brandy Factories (the area is a big brandy producer!!) Tiplr suggests taking a more uplifting experience out to the Caucasian Mountains and soaking in some fresh-air in this glorious, underrated spot.

This not-very-well-known mountain range comes to life in the capital, where 1 of its 20 peaks, the Ararat peak, provides a peaceful and serene backdrop to the hustle of the city. After a few days exploring and staring-up at them, you’ll literally be running for the hills when you’re ready to escape from the city to the country. It’s hard to come across information about these peaks as the rest are centered in Georgia, but their beauty and ambiguity is what we love about them. Mt. Ararat is considered a holy spot by the Armenian people, and legend has it, it is the resting place of Noah’s Ark post flood.

There are local companies like Sima Tours and Mount Ararat Expedition that can help you scale all 5,137 m (16,854 ft)!  You can also find more information about Ararat trekking once you arrive in Yerevan, straight from the sources on the ground.

Mt Ararat
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Featured Photo Credit: Wikipedia




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  1. Michael says:

    Mount Ararat is on Turkey’s territory so all climbs require crossing to Turkey first.


    1. Tara Turner says:

      Thanks for the tip Michael!


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