Brooklyn – Italian Sweet Treats

“L’Albero dei Gelati puts its heart and soul into what it creates and nature does the rest.”

For the best gelato, navigate through the bustling, hip, young families of Park Slope to L’Albero dei Gelati.  In 2013 they brought the family business to Brooklyn from Lombardy, Italy. They make all of their gelato by hand and use only the highest quality, raw, fresh ingredients, like seasonal fruit, organic dairy, cocoa and sugar. They’ve gone to great lengths, scouring New England to find the best products from local farmers and producers.


When you think of gelato, you probably think of sweet flavors: vanilla, peach, chocolate, the usual. This shop doesn’t discriminate. They will take whatever is in season and put it in their product, and that includes the savory along with the sweet. On their site they recommend the zucchini-flower gelato with a raspberry sorbet. In the past they’ve also featured eggplant chocolate, arugula, green beans & mint, saffron, and olive oil.

Best of all, you can enjoy all of this without any guilt because these treats are free of dyes, preservatives and artificial flavors. You can truly feel good about indulging!

Photo Credit: Agrodolce

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