Figueres, Spain – Dalí Theatre Museum

This tip has been suggested by our Barcelona based explorer, Matt Mills.

You may not have heard of this hidden Catalonian gem, but the Northern Spanish town of Figueres more than warrants a visit, especially if you appreciate the more surreal and nonsensical things in life! Only a few hours on the train north of Barcelona and about 40 km from the French border, this is Dalí country.

Salvador Dalí is one of the most famous artists that the world has ever seen. He was a notoriously bizarre and controversial character. An interesting, and somewhat revolting, fact; the painter had such a fondness for flies that he regularly glazed his own moustache in honey in order to attract as many as possible to sit on his face. But whether art is your thing or not, visiting Dalí’s museum (which he designed himself) is a surreal and unforgettable experience. Forget what past visits to museums have led you to expect…unlike most art galleries you don’t walk past the art here – you walk through it. You even walk over the man himself, who is buried in the entrance hall of the building. Most visitors, myself included, unwittingly walk over his tombstone as they enter the museum, where it has been subtly set into the stone floor.


Despite dominating the attention and tourist activity of the town, the Dalí museum is not the only thing that Figueres has to offer. It is also home to the largest fortress in Europe (Land Rover tours are available to cover the 80-acre site!) and it’s just a short walk up the hill from the Dalí museum. It’s the perfect place to share a Mediterranean summer sunset. And once the sun has set, you can wander back down to the town and experience a surprisingly lively nightlife! La Serradora and Coyote provide great music and friendly Catalan company until the sun reappears!

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